Mrs. Sanders wants something very special from her babysitter. She wants Gia to screw her husband. In fact, she even offers to pay her to do it. But Gia will not take extra cash for this particular job. After all, she has become very close to her employers, and nothing is closer than a threesome and a cock up the ass!
When the wife's away and the kids are put to bed and the babysitter hops into the other with the husband it opens the doors to a lot of potential problems. But who can think of that when that young pussy is so tight and eager. And let's not forget that Laurel likes to have her little butt rammed too!
Kayla was warned about her employer's wierd uncle that would be hanging around the weekend she was supposed to watch the kids. She was not supposed to agitate him in any way. Does that mean having to suck his cock and riding him like a wild stallion? Whatever it takes, Kayla is ready to put her little pussy to the test!
Demi is left alone with her father's friend and immediately finds herself with a cock in her mouth. What a nasty little thing! Oh well, hope the neighbors can't see him pounding her ass on the kitchen counter!

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